Monday, February 4, 2013

My First Time: False Eyelashes

Hello lovelies! I used false lashes for the first time for a banquet last month. I wanted to share my experience with some of you first timers too. I've always been turned off by false eyelashes cause I thought they were fake looking on my eyes and the process is tedious. After I did it once, it wasn't too bad. It's a lot easier to apply them on someone else than applying them on myself. The brand I used were Shisem Lashes.

I bought 4 packs at TheFaceShop. I have 2 more pairs that I am selling here :) Each of these packs comes with one pair of lashes and a small tube of glue. The glue applies with a hint of blue but dries completely clear. It is easier to put liner on before or after you apply lashes, according to your preference. The lashes are the perfect size for my eyes, but you are always welcome to cut to your natural eye lash length. Shisem lashes are very natural looking, they enhance what you already have but won't make it obvious that you have falsies on.

To apply, just gently pull the lashes off the adhesive strip inside the plastic box. Be very careful not to break the lash or stretch the lashes. Take the tube of glue out and poke a hole in the tip. Add a tiny strip of glue along the edge of the lash from corner to corner. Match up the glue-applied lash with one corner of your eye and gently press on as close to your natural lash line as possible until it reaches the other corner of your eye.

To remove, just soak a cotton round with makeup remover and place it on your eye for 10-15 seconds and slowly peel the falsie off. My friend had applied too my glue on one of my eyes so mine was a bit harder to pull off, but it did eventually come off. I didn't get a chance to take a close-up picture of how they looked on my eyes cause we were in a hurry to get to the benefit dinner I attended. I will to a before and after photo of my natural lashes vs the Shisem lashes next time I wear them. For now, I will post a picture of how we looked with the lashes on. Can you tell the falsies?

Till next time :)


  1. These look gorgeous on you!


  2. Omg amazing post, those lashes look BEAUTIFUL <3 I would love to do follow for follow? :*