Friday, January 27, 2012

Dry hands? No problem!

So winter has been upon us for a while and even though I live in sunny Florida, Orlando does get a bit chilly at night and in the mornings. I also work in an office and to stay healthy and germ-free, I wash my hands several times a day. This does start wearing down my hands after a while, especially cause I like using warm to hot water during this season. So I decided to invest in some hand creams to preserve the youth of my hands.

The hand cream I got was the L'Occitane Hand Indulgences limited edition set. I have always heard people rave about this hand cream. When I tried a sample of the original 20% shea butter hand cream, I didn't really like the smell that much. It smelled like very strong baby powder. However, I loved the texture and the moisture of the cream. So I decided to get it in other scents. The scents that come with this set are Desert Rose, Hibiscus and Cocoa Flower. They are paraben-free and non-oily. I absolutely adore the packaging and the design was inspired by vibrant bogolan fabrics from African villages. 

It is the same formula as the original, which one is sold every 5 seconds around the world!! Now that's what I call an amazing record! I do agree with all those buyers, it works miracles on my hands! The scent is not overbearing. My favorite is the Desert Rose. It's like a like jasmine scent. What I also like about this hand cream is that the softness and moisture stays on your hands even after you wash your hands!

It comes in a metal sheet tube but its actually very light. I am a little anal about tubes so I like to fold the used portion as I go, just like with toothpaste tubes. These are mini sizes as well so they can fit in a purse or even a clutch.

 It is not too creamy or too oily. It seeps into my skin rather quickly and doesn't feel sticky after. The cream is made from honey and almond extract then blended with jasmine and ylang-ylang essences. It also has vitamin E to help anti-oxidize and nourish dehydrated skin, or in my case over-worked and over-washed hands.

Overall, I'd give this product 10 out of 10! Use this cream in the winter to keep away that awful dry, flaky skin because a woman's hands are very important. When you shake hands with someone, you want them to be holding a soft delicate lady's hand, not a rough electrician's hands!
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    1. Thank you!! And yes I will definitely follow you :)