Tuesday, April 10, 2012

March Hit and Misses: LUSH Haul!

For the month of March, I didn't buy a lot of new products cause I'm trying to finish up all the stuff I currently have. However, I went on a Lush haul recently and completely fell in love!! For those of you who don't know what Lush is: Lush is an animal-cruelty free, vegetarian, organic and go green brand. They are handmade products with little to no preservatives in the product and packaging itself. The store assistants were super friendly and did demonstrations of their products for me. They also gave samples of things I wanted to try before buying. So here are the things I bought:
Bubble Bars:
Sunny Side: This citrus-scented silky wonder looks like a glitter disaster but the glitter actually dissolves into nothing in the bath tub. It creates this beautiful shimmer in the water that makes it addicting to stare at. The bubbles form to movement so once you run the bar under hot water, the bubbles will start. Me and my boyfriend actually refilled the tub 5 times and still got some bubbles out of it. We cut it in half and used it for two baths. The tangerine oil really makes your skin soft and smooth. Definitely a fun little kick to a normal bubble bath.

Yuzu and Cocoa: This is from Lush's Bubbleroons line. It has extra virgin coconut oil and shea butter. It has a yummy chocolate orange scent that makes you almost want to eat it like a macaroon. The clever design lets you twist it in half and save the other half for later. It is definitely moisturizing even after you get out of the bath. Be warned: your significant other might just wanna take a bit out of you after ;)

Bath Bombs:
Dragon's Egg: I haven't had a chance to use this one yet, but reading the description made me interested in it. This has lemon oil and smells like citrus. (We like citrus scents if you haven't noticed) It's suppose to crackle and explode into a glittery fizz. Sounds like an exciting bath time!

Geo Phyzz: I love love love the smell of this bath bomb. It has volcanic clay and Hawaiian sea salt. The pine and cypress scent is not too intense that you can't handle it. Its subtle and incredibly relaxing. I went rock climbing for 4 1/2 hours on Saturday. Needless-to-say, my muscles were completely in pain the next day so I dropped the whole thing of Geo Phyzz in the bathtub and climbed in. Within 10 mins, my body felt relaxed and heated, not just from the hot water but from the blood circulation I got from the product. It didn't do much to moisturize my skin but it helped a lot with stress and sore muscles.

Gorilla Perfume Lust: First off, let me say, I love the smell of Jasmine flowers. That's the main reason why I adore Juicy Couture's perfume cause it has a base fragrant of jasmine. Well, this perfume smells like 100% jasmine galore! It smells purely of this beautiful flower and the scent lasts a long time. My boyfriend could still smell it subtly lingering in my hair the next day. I tried on the solid version in the store, which is a few dollars cheaper, however I think in the humid FL summers, the solid won't feel too good on the skin. For those of you in colder states, I think the solid perfume is a good buy cause its easy to carry around and use on the go. The store assistant was kind enough to tell me that jasmine products tend to leave a red tint on clothes so be careful when applying to white clothing. I bought the 14ml spray for purse carrying, they also have a 30ml for home use.
Solid Shampoo Seanik: Now I've never thought of the concept of solid shampoo nor did I want to rub a bar of soap on my head, but I've heard great things about their shampoo bars volumizing hair and with the oncoming summer heat, I thought I'd invest in one and give it a shot. I haven't tried it yet, but I bought this blue sea salt based Seanik. It smells like the ocean and has bits of seaweed in the soap. I was recommended the tin because it does get messy sitting in the shower. To store it, make sure it is completely dry before putting it in the tin or it will dry to the tin itself. Seanik is suppose to help control oil in your hair as if you went swimming in the ocean and came out with super clean, dry hair. However, it still has moisturizing ingredients such as lemon oil, jasmine and orange blossom. It smells amazing and hopefully will make my hair look amazing too!!

I also got samples of Enzymion, Gorgeous and Imperialis moisturizers as well as a piece of Fresh Farmacy cleansing soap. I will be reviewing these soon and seeing if I buy the full-size products!

Till next time :)


  1. let us know how the solid shampoo works for you. i'm so intrigued and wanna try it, but i don't want my hair to dry out.

  2. Lush is an awesome store!. I always used to go to the one in Foxwoods. There buffy bar (can't recall the exact name) is very cool. You rub it on the skin before you get out of the shower and you can skip the lotion when you are out. It exfoliates and makes your skin super soft, great for elbows and knees.

    1. oooo i actually wanted to try that next! cause it'd save me time of lotioning lol

  3. i LOVE lush! it's so easy to spend a lot of money there without trying. DX but no regrets! XD i too really like the lust scent (i have both the solid and the liquid form, i actually like the solid more) and also impressed with the staying power. i also suggest 25:43 or cocktail- really amazing scents!
    i haven't tried the solid shampoos (looking forward to the update), but the normal ones are nice (lingering scents and gentle) just really pricey. and the lip tints! a million kisses is this gorgeous red color and smells so nice, and the honey trap lip balm is really moisturizing. i really want to try the lip scrubs next time. ohhhh and the lemony butter is amazing for your cuticles and other rough skin areas. lol sorry for long post, i just heart lush.

    1. ooo that was my dilemma with the solid, i was worried it wouldn't stay on as long. i'll have to try the lip balms too. but i usually don't like the ones you have to dip your finger into :( i'm too germaphobe for that stuff.... i did wanna try lemony butter cause my cuticles are all over the place right now >.<