Friday, April 20, 2012

CitySlips Flats To Go!

Ladies, do your feet hurt after wearing heels for hours? Do you go out with your girls and limp to the car after the club? Do you work all day and soak your feet all night? Well CitySlips are here to solve your problem! I was waiting on a sponsorship from this company but then I saw a deal from and I couldn't resist buying these adorable leopard print ballet flats. 
They came in an adorable hard-cardboard box with a string at the top that you can use to carry. The flats are thicker than I thought but it's perfect for walking on the gravel ground. I hate the to-go flats that are paper thin and you can feel every pebble on the ground. 
Its padded in the front and the heel with a thick non-slip padding. It folds up easily and came with a small leather pouch that unfolds into a plastic tote. The tote is thin and cheap but the pouch is pretty soft and nice. 
With the flats folded up and zipped in the pouch, it comes out to be the size of a small clutch purse. I wouldn't say its convenient for the club or going on a dinner date, however, if you work or go shopping in heels, this is good to throw in your purse or car and change into afterwards. Its also useful if you travel and want to change into flats on the plane or in the car ride at any time.
Here's how they look on. I bought 6.5 and its pretty true to its size. The back is a bit loose on me but not uncomfortable. They fit well to the foot and the design is very cute. From far away, they look just like normal flats. Up close they look a bit like to-go shoes because the material is not as thick as regular shoes. Hope this helps you ladies out one day!

Till next time :)


  1. I would like to try them!
    Nice post!

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  2. these look really comfortable! ^-^

    1. they're not like my natualizer flats for sure but they will do in emergencies!