Friday, March 9, 2012

Lancome Products and GWP

I was browsing Nordstrom yesterday and I decided to try the highest reviewed Lancome Rouge in Love lipsticks. I tried a few colors and fell in love with 170N Sequence in Love
Its the color Emma Watson is wearing in their photo ad. Its a stunning, head-turning bright red color.
 It's highly pigmented. One coat will last the whole day. The texture is silky smooth. I used a lipgloss brush to apply from the sample lipstick and I could literally see the moisture as I pressed the brush against the stick. But the color stays on forever and ever! I put it on at 4pm, then went shopping, then drank out of a water bottle, then sampled teas, then went home and ate dinner, dabbed color on multiple napkins and washed my face. After all that, the color was still there even after the glossy effect was gone. It was almost like a lip stain. So if you want long-lasting color, this is definitely a good lipstick and worth the $25.
I also got a small sample of their Renergie Eye Multiple Action cream. This eye cream comes with a concealer on top and the cream on the bottom. My sample was just the cream. It is very moisturizing and creamy. The texture is thick and it goes on a bit too oily for my taste. The thickness does absorb quickly though. Its suppose to help lift and contour your eyes, fade dark circles, and erase wrinkles. It does illuminate my eyes right after applying it. I've only tried it twice so I will update again after a few days.

From now till March 18, 2012, Lancome is doing a pre-sale gift with purchase. With every $39.50 purchase, you get a gift bag with 7 deluxe items, worth $136!! Pretty awesome deal! Here's a list of what you can choose from.
Till next time :)