Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Lookbook: H&M, Arden B., F21 and VS Haul

Last week, I did a H&M, Arden B. Forever 21 and Victoria's Secret haul! I rarely do hauls because honestly, my piggy bank cannot afford it but this time I splurged for my mom so I figured why not buy some stuff for myself too?! I wanted to get some bright colors and I love the new coral trend. Also, I find the bold blazers over a white or black top so gorgeous for spring. Originally I wanted to do a video for this post, but my camera is not very good so pictures it is!

~My Spring Lookbook~
 Forever 21 Blazer: $29.95
Arden B. White Capri Pants: $59.99

H&M Coral Blazer: $29.95
H&M Coral Collared Dress: $29.95

Arden B. Striped Crop Top: $10.99
H&M Striped Tee: $5.95
Victoria's Secret 5 for $25 Panties

I will post more OOTD pictures as I wear these outfits. For now, here are my Indian Escape earrings from JewelMint in action!
Till next time :)


  1. Love the outfits! OMG, I love Arden B! I miss that store in San Diego! Unfortunately, I haven't seen one yet near where I currently live :(

    Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know that I have chosen you as one of my lucky lovelies to share the Versatile Blogger Award with ;) You can check my latest post for the deets. Hope you're having a fab day! XoXo, Jen

    1. Yea Arden B. is hard to find even in FL. Thank you so much Jen!!! :)

  2. You have fabulous style sweetie!
    Following ya x

  3. Hi, sunshine~! :D (your smile is such a sunshine!)
    I love~ the coral blazer and dress you got there! MAC's got new lipsticks in coral, that is exactly same color as your dress!:D I'm so loving that color right now :) I love your vs panties too! I always want to buy them but the shipping price is $40 or so and I always end up not buying them...:( when I visit US the first place I'll go is VS !! btw you look super stunning!!!

    1. thank you love!! i hope you get to shop at a VS one day!! :)

  4. I am addicted to panties - and I am in love with those Victoria's Secret ones - plus, they are SOO cheap <3

    Would love it if you could check out my blog - new and having a hard time getting people to subscribe!

    Ciao! x

  5. You do have quite a style. Love the outfit and your blog. Following u now. x