Tuesday, May 15, 2012

April Hits and Misses!

In the month of April, I didn't get a chance to try a lot of new things, but out of the things I did try, I liked most of them. Here's some of my April favorites!
Hit #1:
I finally finished my body wash so I started my THEFACESHOP Lychee & Plum Essential Body Wash I bought during my last trip to NY. First off, this little bottle of heaven smells wonderful! I love lychee and this body wash actually has a delicate lychee scent. I don't smell the plum as much but that doesn't bother me at all. The liquid turns into foam easily on my loofah. It doesn't feel oily or leave my skin pulled tight. Its moisturizing even after I get out of the shower. This wash contains fruit extracts that are rich in vitamin C.

Miss #1:
I tried finding a new leave-in conditioner since my Ojon Revitalizing Mist was running out so I picked up THEFACESHOP Jewel Hair Care System Color Care Styling Mist. I believe this spray is not part of their product line anymore because when I checked the website, it wasn't listed, but there is a newer version called Jewel Therapy Water Jelly Essence. The styling mist supposedly moisturizes lackluster hair and brings out a more vibrant color. It contains jewel ingredients rich in minerals. I haven't seen a big difference in my hair since I started using this. I use it on my hair after it toweled dry and it sprays on clear and non-sticky, but the scent is overwhelming. Its like a mix between floral and alcohol. It overpowers my perfume sometimes. The moisturizing part is kinda effective, but my color is about the same and it doesn't do much for detangling. I bought a bottle of It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In which I've heard raves about. Hopefully that will work better on my hair.

Target Sample Bag Hits and Misses
This is the annual Spring sample bag that Target sends out to their loyal followers. This bag was a super cute bright coral and pink pouch. Its quite big and fits my Clairsonic Mia with its charger. Great for travel! Out of this bag, I liked the Neutrogena Foaming Cleanser and the Nivea 24 Hour Hydration Lotion. The cleanser was very sensitive, but still left me feeling clean. The lotion was enough moisture for my ashy legs, but doesn't leave them oily. The Magic Lumi Primer was a miss for me. I didn't see a big difference on my face after applying it. It did its job as a primer and sets a smooth base for my BB cream, but it didn't highlight or brighten anything. The Simple Gentle Cleansing Wipes did a good job refreshing my face after a hot day but didn't remove much makeup. It barely took off any of my Maybelline gel eyeliner. It also makes my face sting a bit afterwards. It was a miss for me. And the Pantene Volumizing Conditioner was just like any other conditioner I've used, nothing special.

On side note, I love the Lancome Visionnaire!
It is the most awesome serum I've used along with the Genefique. It seems Lancome has been developing some miracle elixirs because my skin is supple and finally healing with these 2 serums. I do one in the morning and one at night before my moisturizers. They have evened out my skin tone and lightened my acne scars. It also made my skin brighter and glow. They're extremely expensive in my book, but one splurge vs 20 small purchases that don't work is worth it to me.

Till next time :)

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