Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Little Black Bag

My new current obsession is Little Black Bag. I've been addicted every since I opened my first bag. LBB is online shopping site where you take a style profile and then get matched up with 2 items on top of the one item you choose to open your 'bag' with. It is a monthly subscription service if you want to pay $49.95 and it comes out to $54.95 with tax/shipping. You can also choose to buy single bags without any obligations and will not be charged monthly. The price for single purchase is $59.95. 
Once you open a bag, you have 7 days to trade with other customers. You can trade 2 or 3 things for one item and trust me, its so addicting!! If you don't find anything you like, you can simply skip that month. Their customer service is very good and they're willing to work with you on any questions or concerns.
Their packaging was lovely and everything was tissue paper wrapper and sealed with their logo sticker. I started out with 3 items, however, I didn't particularly like the earrings that I started out with so I traded my original handbag selection along with a pair of earrings for this $98 Steve Madden Hobo Bag. The 3rd item I had was a set of Robert Rose orange woven earrings.
I absolutely love the bag. Its a very soft high-quality leather bag and it's huge. I use it every time I travel on the plane cause it carries everything I need included a jacket or coat. It comes with a single shoulder handle and a long detachable crossbody strap. The earrings were bigger than I thought but I really like how they add a pop of color to any outfit.
Here's how the hobo bag looked with my OOTD, along with an adorable froyo mascot :)
This is how the earrings looked.

Till next time :)