Monday, June 18, 2012

May Hits and Misses

I know its a bit late, but I've been so caught up with school and doing some freelance design projects on the side. I still wanted to share some of my favorite products from the last month with ya'll cause there's some things I really liked!

Hit #1 
An Estee Lauder product that I've been really enjoying is the Advanced Night Repair. This serum can almost serve as a night time moisturizer because it rejuvenates my skin so well. It absorbs very fast but it seals in so much moisture. The morning after my skin looks so dewy and glowing, its like I slept for 10 hours when I've really only slept for 5. It doesn't have a strong scent. Its a yellow clear liquid and at first it might be a bit sticky but once its fully absorbed, its very silky soft. It comes in a big bottle that will last a long, long time. The dropper is very easy to use as well.

Hit #2
I got a deluxe sample of this Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Firmng/Sculpting Eye Cream in my gift set last month and I started using it immediately cause I was out of eye cream. I loved it since day 1. It goes on very smooth and soft, its creamy but not oily and doesn't make my eye puffy the next day. It applies with a cool feeling but for an added effect, you can put it in the fridge and it'll become even cooler on your skin. It smells very light but a pleasant floral scent. I do see some results with lightening my under-eye circles, but not so much with firming my skin. This could also be because I haven't gotten to the point where that is needed yet. 

Hit #3
Now that the weather in Florida is almost 100 degrees all the time, I wanted to get a toner spray that I can use throughout the day to remove some shine and oil. I found this Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater on for $7 and I thought it was a pretty good deal for 4oz.  After my first time using it, I noticed my skin was immediately refreshed. The mid-day shine was faded and my skin was supple and moisturized. I love the light, fresh rose scent too. I started using it as a toner before moisturizer as well because it saves the time I spend pouring my other toner onto a cotton pad. This I can just spray on, pat in and move on. I plan on putting some in a smaller bottle to carry around in my purse and leave the big bottle at home. Overall, definitely worth it to buy!

Hit #4
LUSH Seanik Shampoo Bar has become my new holy grail for shampoos. I adore it! It smells great, like the ocean but better. When I first heard about LUSH's shampoo bars, I was very skeptical. I thought how would a bar of shampoo become sudsy and wouldn't it over dry my hair? No to both. It has so much foam and suds, even more than my old John Freida shampoo. It doesn't over dry my hair cause I still use a volumizing conditioner with it but it leaves it feeling super clean. I use it every other day and I've noticed that the oil in my hair is slowly getting less on the 2nd day. I have very oily hair to begin with so I can't go through more than 2 days without washing my hair but I've been able to back off on the dry shampoo more with this bar. The seaweed particles in it don't really affect me and it doesn't clog my drain at all but I'm sure its not everyone's cup of tea. I'm planning on trying the Jumping Juniper next, but this should last me a long time. I've had it a month and its still only 1/4 used.

I ordered from the e.l.f. website and got 3 items I needed, a lip brush, a stippling brush and a HD Finishing Powder. I have been using the Make Up For Ever HD Powder and I've been loving it but it's quite expensive so I was looking for a replacement product. The powder works alright but it goes on a lot more white than the Make Up For Ever one, which is light and sheer. It blends in better on top of makeup so the e.l.f. one was a miss for me. The stippling brush is soft but it is a bit too soft and doesn't apply my bb cream very well. The lip brush is horrible and the bristles fall out and stick to my lips every 5 seconds. I see it balding after a few uses. So even though there have been some e.l.f. products that I love, like my slanted eye liner brush, these 3 were all misses for me. Better luck with other products hopefully!

Till next time :)

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